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AuDaScience Automatic Marketing Machine Learning Software Solutions for E-Commerce and Gaming

AuDaScience applications help E-Commerce sites, apps and online gaming operators maximize customer value by optimizing personalized cross-sell and retention promotion recommendations

The era of big data holds great potential for internet companies. Big data contains a wealth of information that enables companies to significantly improve their marketing management activities. But extracting value from big data quickly and efficiently, with the right statistical and analytical models, presents significant challenges for Internet companies:

  • The need to manage and process big data and massive amounts of information
  • Limited resources allocated to data analysis and business analytics
  • Constantly updating marketing operations to adapt to rapidly changing business environments

Companies now improve their marketing operations with AuDaScience’s advanced big data automatic machine learning applications running on BRAINs platform.

Value BRAINS determines the LTV of a new user right through the registration process and keeps updating it on a daily basis. The management system assigns each user a prediction for his/her LTV for various periods (1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 months). These predictions are aggregated on an affiliate level to compare the total LTV it will generate with the cost of recruiting paying customers. These valuable insights help optimize and streamline the affiliate pricing and reward models.

In addition, Value BRAINS optimizes the targeted marketing operation by recommending the cross-sell and retention offers that will maximize each customer's LTV. BRAINs advanced algorithms simulate how the LTV of each customer changes with different types of cross-sell and retention offers.

Sales BRAINs is an automatic recommendation application which uses robust machine learning algorithms to predict the probability of each customer buying each product. While most recommendation engines are based on simple collaborative filtering and association or basket and purchase history analysis methods, Sales BRAINs algorithms calculate also CRM data, socio-demographics, campaign response history and page views. Sales BRAINs automatically develops thousands of models that predict the propensity of each user (registered or not registered) to buy each item.

AuDaScience applications enable marketing staff without any statistical or SQL know-how to quickly design and deploy thousands of sophisticated machine learning models. AuDaScience's friendly GUI avoids the need to create even a single line of code thereby requiring less than a day compared with the man-months or years currently required by other presently available tools to reach such performance levels.

Guaranteed ROI

BRAINs platform is easily integrated in an E-commerce platform. Within only a few days it will allow the online operator to improve its targeted promotions and coupons allocation process and within a few weeks to achieve full ROI.