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AuDaScience BRAINs™ turns your big data into a fortune of increased revenues and customer loyalty

AuDaScience presents the most powerful automatic marketing machine learning platform for highly competitive consumer markets

In consumer-services oriented enterprises such as banks, telecom, retail chains, healthcare, insurance and others, the huge database of structured and unstructured customer records and events holds the untapped, precious knowledge regarding customers' future actions. Traditionally, extracting this knowledge and turning it into business tactics required months of effort, modeling and profiling customer segments and product matrices by data scientists and analytics professionals. AuDaScience BRAINs [Big-data Recommendations for Actionable Insights] replaces this with a friendly, automatic and powerful platform that renders more accurate results faster, while requiring dramatically fewer resources.

AuDaScience BRAINs, which runs as an "automatic data scientist", includes hundreds of data management, statistical and machine learning processes. It is based on the R and packaged as sets of automatic applications for answering specific business challenges such as cross-sell, Next Best Action recommendations, churn prediction and Lifetime Value simulation.

These predictive customer-centric marketing models were traditionally developed manually by data scientists. Now AuDaScience BRAINs uses your company's structured and unstructured data to automatically run all data management and statistical processes:

  • Real-time digital asset data extraction using open source trackers and collectors;
  • Automatic real-time construction and updating of a Digital Profile view including hundreds of smart aggregated parameters on customers’ digital experience and activities;
  • Sampling of customers
  • Variables selection
  • Multi-Segment-Modeling segmentation for improved targeting;
  • Machine learning modeling, per each event (product / action / churn event / …) - by different segments;
  • Aggregated segments' scoring calculation;
  • In-sample, out-of-sample and out-of-time validation for each of the models;
  • Deployment of the scoring process on a periodic basis or in real time to real-time-based digital data;
  • Management of all models for quick and easy maintenance.

AuDaScience BRAINs platform includes a set of sales, marketing and customer service optimization applications that provide professional managers with a friendly tool for improving performance of campaigns, retentions and overall customer lifetime wallet share.

AuDaScience Sales BRAINs
AuDaScience Retention BRAINs
AuDaScience Value BRAINs

AuDaScience BRAINs patent-pending Multi-Segment-Modeling technology allows designing and deploying propensity models on customer segments rather than on whole populations. Using this technology, AuDaScience customers enjoy model lifts of up to 50% higher in comparison to manually-developed models using any data mining tool. This leads to higher response rates in outbound and inbound campaigns, augmented revenues from targeted campaigns and visible ROI after only one or two campaigns.