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Automatic Real-Time Digital Actions Prediction - Modeling and Deployment

AuDaScience BRAINs™ next generation, Spark-based, big data, automated machine-leaning platform provides a unique and revolutionary approach to the automatic development, deployment and updating of machine learning models for predicting the propensity of each customer to carry out different actions during the customer’s digital journey.

AuDaScience BRAINs enables a company's marketing analysts to increase their digital (and non-digital) campaign responses and streamline the digital customer experience, by using a powerful, automated, big data machine learning application that can assist them:

  1. Collect in real-time all customers' digital experience activities from digital assets and save raw digital data to a big data environment;
  2. Use Profile Builder BRAINs application to construct a real-time "Digital Customer Profile View" from raw digital big data, including several hundred attributes profiling each customer's activity in the digital assets (websites, mobile app). This digital customer profile is constantly updated in real time, enabling the company to define real-time triggers for near real-time multichannel campaigns and to update machine learning models' scoring in real time;
  3. Based on the real-time customer profile table and existing batch customer profile tables, use Sales BRAINs to automatically develop hundreds of machine learning models for :
    • Predicting the propensity of each customer to perform different actions: buy various products, click on or tap different areas in the browser, respond to different pop-up or push notification messages, etc.;
    • Predicting the impact of the customer's performance of each action on the revenue of the company, with respect to each customer;
    • Real-time scoring, based on the most up-to-date information available on each customer.
  4. Identify the next best offers or actions for each customer, out of hundreds of thousands of possible products, actions or communications, which will maximize the company's revenue, based on the propensity of each customer to perform each action, or expected revenue;
  5. Feed recommendations (in batch/real-time) to campaign management and marketing automation systems for ongoing, integrated operation, which maximizes each customer's lifetime value based on digital big data streaming;

Profile Builder BRAINs enables Marketing analysts to define a business logic of transformations they would want to apply to raw digital data for constructing and updating in real time an aggregated digital profile which includes calculated attributes. Profile Builder BRAINs deploys the business logic using Spark streaming for updating the digital profile in real time.

Sales BRAINs automatically performs all the steps that are currently being applied manually by data scientists, who code or use various machine learning tools to model all the defined actions performed by customers in the digital channels. The models’ score can run on batch or in real-time on the digital profile, which updates in real-time, together with the classic customer profile tables uploaded to memory and joined with the digital profile.