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AuDaScience Value BRAINs™ 

Lifetime Value Optimization - Big data analytics for simulating and predicting customers LTV

Value BRAINs generates accurate prediction of each customer’s contribution to the bottom line, thus allowing optimization of marketing operations and service policies.

In consumer oriented enterprise, it is essential to accurately predict the true value this customer will generate to the organization overtime. This information becomes critical for answering questions such as ‘Should we apply this promotion to this segment?’, ‘Should we direct this new customer to a special VIP channel?’ or ‘Is this customer worth preserving and at what cost?’

Furthermore, when planning marketing moves, it is essential to predict how different actions might impact the customer's value and which action would maximize the value each customer.

Value BRAINs extracts the answers to these questions from the big data of customer event records and predicts the lifetime value of each customer, and of customer segments. It analyzes millions of past customer events to create predictive models of customer expenses, purchases and loyalty.

Value BRAINs enables managers to simulate how each customer's (and customer segments) reaction would change over different service and marketing operations and estimate the impact it will have on customers' LTV. These revenue-impacting simulations are used to identify in advance which actions may be taken to maximize each customer's LTV.
Value BRAINs is based on the BRAINs [Big-data Recommendations for Actionable Insights] platform, designed and built on many years statistical and data analysis experience and specifically LTV prediction modeling for large consumer-based organizations.
Within hours managers can easily develop sophisticated LTV models which combine statistics and business rationale and calculate the projected revenues in future years for each customer.

Value BRAINs easily integrates into the company's customer service, retention operations and IT environments (DWH, Campaign Management), providing clear, measurable ROI within months.

Core differentiators


Classic tools provided by predictive analytics vendors

AuDaScience Value BRAINs


Requires professional services of statisticians and BI experts for data management and modeling

Out-of-the-box LTV prediction models, by different segments

required to develop segmentation models [getting the same lifts]



of segmentation models

Only by professional data scientists and SQL /ETL a experts


Model Update
to changing market and business conditions

Requires re-development and investment of months of work


GUI level

Statistical-analytical know-how

Marketing staff friendly

With other applications

Standalone/ Proprietary applications

One-stop-shop for other customer oriented business analytics models using the same AuDaScience BRAINs platform


Complex legacy infrastructure with months long integration process,  strong bounds and ties

GSTAT Lightweight, immediate results, simple licensing, no strings attached