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AuDaScience Risk BRAINs™

Enables more lending with reduced risk, safer and shorter approval cycle
Risk BRAINs, a big data machine learning application based on R, provides an innovative approach to supervised-based credit scoring modeling

Risk BRAINs enables financial institutes to improve their Retail and SME customers’ risk management. It helps the Risk Management Division analysts to design and deploy credit scoring models for multiple segments within days instead of months, without writing a single line of code.

To better address risk management and regulation compliance [such as Basel III], financial organizations use machine learning tools that alert against default, fraud or money laundering.

Some of these tools are simple code based while others are complex and expensive platforms. Still, all require a lot of manual development and customization work before they become effective and deliver the required end-to-end risk assessment.
Risk BRAINs reduces the cost, complexity and human resources required to develop and maintain these tools by:

  • Reducing the time required to design and launch the predictive risk models from months to days – to better respond to changing business environment and ethics
  • Improving scalability and flexibility, fine-tuning the models to customer segments
  • Delivering more accurate credit scores for better credit pricing and risk management

Risk BRAINs is a powerful, semi-automated machine learning software. It saves months of statistical work while constantly showing better prediction results. It applies more diverse models and smaller customer segments [instead of a smaller amount of models on larger populations using data mining tools] to deliver better risk management that is translated directly into your bottom line.

Typical Use cases

  • Streamlining lending and interest pricing decisions
  • Early detection of lender situation and liability degradation
  • Default prevention
  • Money laundering attempts detection