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Anti-Fraud and embezzlement detection for Retail Businesses

AuDaScience’s Fraud BRAINs™ application helps retailers to deploy fraud detection models and reveal more fraudulent events at points-of-sale. This new easy-to-implement platform reduces operational risks and saves millions of dollars preventing sophisticated frauds and thefts.

Retail chains face the daily challenge of managing internal fraud prevention audits at points-of-sale. Many use business rule-based alert systems by defining a set of criteria for identifying suspicious activities by cashiers.

The effectiveness of business rules for fraud detection is often limited. Corrupt employees tend to be one step ahead and find new ways to bypass existing lines of defence. Fraud BRAINs uses rules-free, multi-dimensional, machine-learning based behavioural anomaly detection for identifying new, unknown threats that escape rule-based systems. Fraud BRAINs provides an additional behaviour-analysis line of defence and expands the detection capabilities by combining its anomaly detection automatic modelling capability with classic easy-to-define business rules.

AuDaScience offers leading retail chains an end-to-end solution for fraud detection. The package includes customizable data models with hundreds of attributes for constructing a good user profile, together with Fraud BRAINs tool for ongoing detection of anomalies. Fraud BRAINs comes complete with more than fifty business rules, triggers, and definitions that make it operational out of the box.

With Fraud BRAINs, retailers gain:

  • Rapid development, update and deployment of advanced machine learning fraud detection models
  • Shorter time-to-results from many months to only days
  • Operation by non-data scientists

Frequent updating of models leads to better prediction and anomalys detection. Fraud BRAINs shows immediate results, detecting more fraud events and saving money on stealth prevention.